Within Clinical Templates there are many different 'Field Types' that are located on the left hand side of the 'Template Editor' screen. To add any fields to the template click and drag it from the left hand side to the correct position on the template.

This article will explain the different properties available for the 'Group' field. When it has been added to the template a menu will appear on the left hand side of the screen which you can see in the image below. You are able to set up different properties against this field.

The Group field works with the 'Yes No' field. The purpose of Group field is to allow you to embed further options depending on whether the users chooses yes or no. It is therefore important that you set a 'Name' against your 'Yes No' field properties. You then select the name from the drop down list under 'Show When.'

For my example below I have set that if Yes is chosen under Test/Investigations then more questions will appear.

After I click 'Apply' I then go ahead and create the questions that should be embedded under this group.

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