Within Clinical Templates there are many different 'Field Types' that are located on the left hand side of the 'Template Editor' screen.

To add any fields to the template click and drag it from the left hand side to the correct position on the template.

This article will explain the different options available for the 'Text Field Type'. When it has been added to the template a menu will appear on the left hand side of the screen which you can see in the image below. You are able to set up different properties against this field.

Name - Putting a name gives the text box a title on the template. Names in field types also relate to 'Group Field Type.'

Required - Switching this option on will make this a mandatory selection within the template.

Show Inline - Switching this option on will control if the text box will display on the same line as the other text.

Hint Text - Adding text here will display on the text box in the consultation.

Min/Max Length - This will determine the minimum/maximum length. If nothing is selected here the maximum length will be controlled by the database.

Rows - Determines how many rows in the template the 'Text Field' will take up.

Show Maitland Options - If this selection is on, Maitland symbols will appear when this text box is clicked.

Custom List - If a 'Custom List' is added, you can add information from pre-populated lists in TM3. There are 3 different options to choose from here.

Output text from all lookup levels - This option works with the 'Custom List' selection. When this option is on, if there are multiple steps in the list, it will display all steps. If it is off, only the last selection will display.

Symbol to append quick picks with - If you are using quick picks, you can separate them with a space, comma, new line or new line and a dash.

Key Question - This field will allow for advanced custom reporting.

There is also an 'Advanced' section allowing you to define 2 more options:

Reporting Field

When the Reporting Field option is clicked it will give you a list of options to choose from. Information relating to the Consultation, Case and Medical History can be added here. If it has not been previously populated in TM3 then no information will appear.

Min/Max Length

When the Min/Max Length and Rows options are clicked a number selection will appear

Custom List

When the 'Custom List' option is clicked the following options will appear. These lists are pre-populated within TM3 and can be changed at any time from TM3's 'Settings.' The 'Custom' option contains lookups created in the 'Custom Lists' section within 'Clinical Templates.' The 'Lookup' option contains lookups created within Settings > Configuration. The 'Search' option contains different lists from the database like the practitioner list.

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