When you first access Clinical Templates on TM3 there will be a number of templates available. If you do not wish to use these templates you can build a new one from scratch. You can create blank templates for all template types.

To do this simply find which type of template you want to add and click the 'Create New' button beside the template title. The 'Create New' option is in the same position for all template types.

When adding a completely new template you can set it out whatever way suits your clinic. The name of the template and description should be added and then the other information on the template.

You can use headers, add formatting such as bold, user different colours and use headers.

Some people may want their templates to take a list form where you can check off particular options; others may want to create a template that takes more of a narrative form like below.

Once you have made changes to the template click 'Save' in the top right.

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