There are a number of different formatting options available within the 'Clinical Templates' section in TM3. These are available in all different templates. They are available at the top of the template.

The formatting options available are Bold, Italics, Underline, adding Headers and adding Coloured Text. These formatting options can only be added to plain text i.e. any text that is typed manually and not added from the template options on the left hand side. When a certain format is active it will turn grey in the menu bar; so the formatting options that are below would be Bold, Header and Red text.

To add Bold, Italics, Underline format to text you can highlight the relevant text and then click the correct option. Alternatively you can click the buttons first then start typing and click the button again to deactivate the formatting. When you click the B button it makes the text Bold. When the I button is clicked the text will be in Italics. When the U button is clicked the text will then be Underlined.

Headers can be used to add titles to different sections of your template. The image below shows all types of headers available; notice they are different colours and have different text formatting. The First Consultation text is the Main Header, bold and coloured Green. The Changes option is a Header and Red text. The VAS Score option is a Sub Header and Blue text.

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