'Snippets' are a new feature n TM3 Clinical and they allow you to quickly add previously created selections to your templates. A 'Snippet' can be added in two places in the templates section. They are the 'Template Editor' and from the 'Snippets' section in 'Clinical Templates.'

Template Editor

When you create a new template or are adding to an existing template you can click and drag over the text you want to add as a 'Snippet' and press the 'Snippet' button.

When you press the 'Snippet' button you will be asked to name the Snippet and a preview of what you are creating will be available. When you are happy with the name and information that is in the Snippet click the 'Add' button. If you do not want to save your changes press the 'Cancel' button or the X in the top right of the pop up.

To add the Snippet to a current template, open the template and click the 'Insert Snippet' button.

This will open up the 'Insert a Snippet' pop up. You can choose to 'Insert' or 'Preview' the Snippet. The 'Insert' option in the bottom right will not be active unless 'Preview' is selected first.

Clinical Templates - Snippets

Snippets can be viewed and changed from Clinical Templates > Snippets.

To create a new Snippet click the 'Create New' option . This will open a blank template and you can add a Snippet manually from here.

Clicking 'Edit' will allow you change a Snippet, when you have made the relevant changes click 'Save' to save your changes.

Clicking 'Clone' will duplicate the Snippet and allow you to make changes.

Clicking 'Remove' will delete the Snippet from the system, you will be given a message of 'Are you sure you want to do this?'. Snippets can be removed even if they have been added to different templates.

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