When viewing different templates on the Clinical Templates section of TM3, there are a number of options available for each template. These are View, Edit, Clone and Remove. The article will advise you on what the View option does.

There are other options of Make Default, Make First and Make Follow Up. These actions have been explained in the Clinical Template Types article.


This option will not be available for all templates. View is only available for templates that have already been used within the system.

Choosing the View option on Clinical Templates will allow you to view the chosen template in two modes. - Preview (Data Entry View) and Preview (Read Only View).

Preview (Data Entry View) allows you to see what the template will look like when completing it in a consultation. It will show any dropdowns etc that will appear when you click on specific fields.

Preview (Read Only View) does not allow you to interact with it and will simply show you the template in its basic read-only form. It simulates what the template would look like in a case if no information was recorded in it.

If you wish to edit a template that has already been used in the system, you must first clone it and then an 'Edit' option will appear beside the cloned template.

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