This article will take you through the steps necessary to integrate Physitrack with TM3. Before you begin, the client practitioner will need to have signed up with Physitrack and be able to log in to their Physitrack portal. You will also require an Admin level user in order to access TM3 settings.

Log in to TM3 and go to Settings > Clinical > Third Party Integration > Physitrack. Tick the ‘Enable Physitrack Integration’ tick box.

Once activated, all practitioners will be given a ‘Token’ – This will be their individual ‘API Key’.

Check what region the client is signed up with – Their Physitrack URL will start with the region shorthand.

If you enter a URL that Physitrack decides isn’t near your physical location, you may be given a server selection option - Choose the location the practitioner has registered for. (For example, if a practitioner has moved to work in Ireland, but had previously registered in England, they would likely need to use the site as opposed to

When you know what region the practitioner is registered at, you will need to use that exact URL as the URL on the Physitrack settings page in TM3.

Get logged in to the practitioner’s Physitrack. From the Library screen, click on ‘My Account’ at the bottom.

Navigate to Settings.

From here, you will need to use the ‘Synchronize my patient data from’ drop-down menu to select TM3, and then enter the practitioner’s API Key (Token) in the following field. Click ‘Save Changes’.

TM3 should now be integrated with Physitrack.

Provided everything is set up correctly for the individual practitioner currently using TM3, and their user account has the Default Practitioner set up with their own practitioner account, to access Physitrack you have two options:

  • Go to Patient Case > More > Physitrack.

  • Go to Patient Record > Actions > Physitrack.

Either of these options should take you straight to the patient's area within Physitrack, with any of their specific programs showing.


If the TM3 user account is not set up with a Default Practitioner, the Physitrack option won't appear in the menu.

If the patient is set up with a different practitioner, it will take you to the Library page as opposed to creating the patient a record in Physitrack.

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