Within 'Clinical Settings' we have a section called 'Custom Lists.' Custom Lists within Clinical settings are different to the Custom Lists under Configuration settings. Clinical custom lists focus on custom lists within cases.

Within this section you can remove existing lists, rename existing lists, add new lists, edit existing lists and create sub lists. At the top of this section you are also able to 'Search Custom Lists' which will become increasingly useful as overtime your custom list will grow.

Each of these actions are discussed below:

Remove existing list

To remove a custom list you simply click 'Remove' which is highlighted in green in the image below.

Once you click remove a confirmation box appears as shown in the image below. Click 'No' to cancel or 'Yes' to confirm the removal.

Rename existing list

To rename an existing list simply click 'Rename' and this then makes the list name editable. Once you make the change click 'Done' or 'Cancel' to cancel.

Add new list

At the top of the custom lists page you are able to create a new list. Simply start typing where it says 'New List Name' and then click 'Add.'

Edit existing list

You can expand a custom list and it shows a list of values which you are able to add or remove. As you can see in the image below the 'Allergies' list has been expanded and we can see four sub-sections:

We can expand these sub-sections. The image below shows what you see when 'Environmental' is expanded.

We are also able to expand these lists. The image below shows what you see when 'Cat' is expanded. You are able to add to these lists, remove from the list or 'add a sublist.'

Create Sub list

You can create a sub-list within a list. To do this you simply type where it states 'New Item' and then click 'Add.'

Search Custom List

At the top of the page there is a search function that allows you to search your custom lists.

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