There are five different categories of flags which can categorise patients to help identify their clinical problems. Within this area you can configure the meaning of each of the five flags.

To configure each flag click on 'Edit'. This then expands the section and shows a list of pre-set values. You are able to remove any of these values by clicking 'Remove' or you can add a new value by typing in the 'Type new list value' area. Once you make your changes click 'Done'.

When editing a flag you have an option which you can switch on or off via a slider. This option lets you choose whether the flag requires acknowledgement. What this means is if you assign any of these flags to a patient and you have this option switched on then every time you access the case an alert will appear referencing the flag. If the slider is blue and to the right then this signifies the option is turned on. If the slider is to the left and grey then this signifies that the option is turned off.

The below image shows the black flag expanded and how you can remove values, add values and set whether flags of this type require acknowledgement. If a flag had already been used it will become 'In Use' this means you cannot remove the flag from the flag list.

The following image shows an example of what a case looks like when a red flag has the option to require acknowledgement switched on.

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