The fifth section under Clinical Settings is 'Scores and Goals'. It is within here that you define Scores and Goals to be made available for patients to work towards. The image ​below shows what the screen looks like when you enter this section.

As you can see we are presented with a list of pre-defined goals. These can be removed by clicking on 'Remove' or turned on or off by using the slider to the left of the goal. If the slider is to the right and green this means the goal will be available to choose from within a case. If the slider is to the left and grey this means the goal will not be available to choose from within a case.

You are able to add a new goal by typing the goal in 'Type new list value' and pressing 'Add to List.'

The top half of the Scores and Goals settings area is where the 'Goals' are configured and the second half of the page is where the 'Scores' are configured. The below image shows where you configure 'Scores.'

Just like the Goals setup, you can turn the predefined scores on or off and you can add to the list. An additional feature that scores use is setting a minimum and maximum value. This allows you to track the patients progress within a case.

Beside some of the scores and goals in the above images we can see that it says 'IN USE.' This is letting you know that these scores and goals are being used in open cases and so you can not remove them.

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