Modalities can be added to any consultation in TM3. To add a Modality the consultation must be in an Edit state. To Edit a consultation simply click the Edit option.

When the consultation is ready to Edit click the Add button and choose Modality.

When the Add button is clicked a list of Modalities will appear. These are all standard Modalities within TM3 but they can be changed to suit your specific needs. Note the 'Previously Used' section on the list. This will only appear when opening a Modality for a second time. This user specific, so if you create your own assessments within TM3; only your previously used template will appear here. You can also search for specific Modalities in the 'Search' bar.

When a Modality has been added it will show in the consultation. Modalities can be as complex or as simple as you need/want them to be. The Modality added below is a simple 'Exercise Advice Modality' this is to advise patients of what exercises to perform to improve their situation.

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