Images can be added to any consultation in TM3. To add an Image the consultation must be in an 'Edit' state. To Edit a consultation simply click the 'Edit' option;

When the consultation is ready to 'Edit' click the 'Add' button and choose 'Image.'

When the 'Add' button is clicked a number of Images will appear. If you have a webcam connected to your machine you can take a photo from it and then upload it to TM3. To do this click the 'Take Photo' tile and upload the photo. There are also standard Images within TM3 but more can be uploaded if you have your own images.

To upload an image click the 'Upload' tile, locate the image on your PC and then insert the image to TM3. Once this has been uploaded it will be available to insert at any time after. If you do not wish to upload an image just click the 'Close' button to exit the Image section.

To add an Image simply click once on the Image, make any edits and then click 'Save' when you are happy with your images. As this image has been added to the Consultation it will then appear there.

You can add an image outside of a consultation by clicking the 'Add Image' option at the right hand side.

This would then display the Image on the right hand side at all times; it will also appear under the Summary section of the case.

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