Navigate to the day in the diary that you are booking the appointment for. Left click on the desired appointment time and the appointment box which you can see in the following image will pop up. If the appointment is for an existing patient then start typing their name. If the appointment is for a new client then click on 'Create a New Client.'

For this example I am booking an appointment for an existing patient called Matthew Graham.

When I click on Elizabeth's name the book appointment screen appears. As this is the patients first appointment it is at this point that you should choose the body site. This is important as this is the point that the case is created. The image below shows the book appointment screen.

When you click on the drop down it brings up a list of body sites. The image below shows the default body sites already existing in TM3. You are able to add more body sites via Settings > Configuration > Custom Lists.

Once we click on the body site it then appears under case on the appointment screen.

When we click book, the case is referenced within the appointment details screen which you can see in the image below.

When we go to book a follow up appointment the appointment screen automatically sets it to be 'This appointment belongs to an existing case' and pulls through the existing case body site which you can see in the following image.

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