Sketchpad is the area where you can add images and make changes to them. There are many different options available from here and they are available on the menu on the left hand side of Sketchpad.

To expand the menu on the left hand side click the three lines on the top left corner. The different areas are explained in the image below but will be explained in more detail throughout this article.

There are three different ways to add images to Sketchpad, you can take photos on a webcam by pressing the 'Take Photo' tile, click the Upload tile which will allow you to browse your machine and add your own charts/images or you can select one of the pre-populated images.

When an image has been added it will appear on the left hand side of Sketchpad. It will be locked as standard and can be unlocked by clicking the padlock icon.

When it has been unlocked you can change the size by dragging from the corners, rotate the image using the icon on the top of the image and move the image around by clicking and holding on the image to move it.

Multiple images can be added to Sketchpad by going into 'Images' and simply adding a new image. All images in Sketchpad can be changed in the same way as shown above.

When the Pencil option is selected you can then free hand draw on the images. The Pencil option can be used whatever way you want; you can mark areas, shade in places. It is all open to your own interpretation and style. Below you can see I have shaded and circled different areas of the image on the right hand side.

To change the colour of the Pencil click on the Colours icon on the menu. From here you can choose the colour of the Pencil, also referred to as Stroke. The Fill can be chosen here too, this is the fill for Shapes. I have picked a red Stroke and blue Fill.

To add shapes click on the Shapes icon on the menu. The Shapes consist of a straight line, arrow, circle and square.

Below shows the diagram with some Shapes. To add the lines or arrows on shapes just click and drag where you want the line/arrow to end; the same process can be used when creating circles/squares. Notice our circle has a red outline and blue fill. This is due to the colours we have selected.

You can annotate areas of your images, to do this click the Annotation option and click where on the image you wish to place the annotation. A menu will then appear like below.

You can choose your own plain text annotation by selecting Text Annotation. From here you are able to free type into the box and write whatever you like. When you are happy with your annotation click the 'Save' button.

When you choose the Assessments & Modalities option this will allow you to select previously added assessments or modalities as Annotation.

When an Annotation has been added you can click and drag the navy header and reposition it on the image.

To use the Symbols click the Symbols icon on the menu. This will then allow you to select from the below Symbols. When you have selected the correct Symbol simply just click on the area of Sketchpad you wish to add this to.

To change the thickness of the Pencil click on the Thickness button on the menu and choose between the three options.

The delete something from Sketchpad you will need to click on the 'Select' option on the menu and then click on what you want to delete and then click the 'Remove' option. You will then be asked to confirm your deletion, press yes or no depending if you want to remove something.

When you are finished and happy with your changes click the 'Save' option in the top right of the screen.

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