When a consultation has been added to TM3 you can make changes to it. Once you are happy with your changes and any additional comments that have been added you can then 'Lock' the consultation. This will ensure that no further changes can be made to the consultation in TM3.

To lock a consultation open the consultation and click the 'Lock' button. You can also click the 'Lock' button without opening the consultation.

When 'Lock' is clicked the image below will appear. Click 'Yes' to lock the consultation or 'No' to allow more changes. Once a consultation has been locked you cannot make any further changes.

When a consultation is locked a padlock symbol will appear like below. There is an option to add 'Post Close Notes'.

The option to add 'Post Close Notes' is available at the bottom of your consultation. Simply type your notes in and click 'Add' to add them to the consultation. You can add as many of these as you wish.

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