Previous Medical History or PMH will be available from every case associated with a patient or you can enter this from the patient record. Like the First Consultation etc. PMH will have it's own template. There is a standard template for this and it can be changed to suit your needs. This can be changed in the Clinical Templates section.

To record PMH you will need to open a case for the patient. In here you will see a Previous Medical History tab. Click the 'Edit' button on this tab to change the information in the PMH section.

On the standard TM3 templates the PMH section is included within the first consultation; when you enter the information into this section it will then populate the PMH section. This has to be set up within the Clinical Templates section. This works with the standard templates in TM3 so if you create you own you will have to create your own links between certain templates. The PMH template can be set up to trigger certain flags like other templates will do.

Highlights can be added here and when you are happy with your changes click the 'Save' option.

Once the relevant information for the PMH template has been entered; it will 'follow' the patient on other cases. This means that if you add PMH information for their first case; the PMH will be populated in future cases.

To record PMH from the patient record open the patient record and click the purple tab on the right hand side of the screen.

When this is clicked the Previous Medical History template will appear. You can then click 'Edit' to make changes and then Save when you are satisfied with the changes.

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