To book an appointment for a new business patient at your clinic, simply select the date and time you would like the appointment to be.

As we are booking for a new client, we click on 'Create a New Client.'

This screen will then appear for you to enter the new patient details. To create the patient, click 'Create.' The fields in orange are compulsory.

After the patient has been created, TM3 will auto populate some additional fields in the appointment screen. The 'Billing' section will automatically populate to self-funding, so this will need to be edited.

To edit the 'Billing' section, click 'Edit' beside 'This client pays for their own treatment' and change it to the Business Name of the funder of the treatment.

Once you have selected the Business Name, you will then be asked to provide the following information:

  • Patient's Policy Number

  • Authorisation Code

  • Number of Sessions Authorised

TM3 will automatically populate the charge based on the Business.

To book the appointment, click 'Create.'

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