Printing a letter for a patient can be done in a few ways, however from the patients appointment on the diary, it can be done in a quick and easy way.

The first step will be to click on an appointment for a patient that you would like to print a letter for, this will bring up the appointment details. In the bottom right corner of the window click on the 'Communication' button and this will reveal a drop down list.

This drop down list give you the option to choose between reminders, emails and letters.

If we now click on Letter we get another window which will allow you to choose the letter you wish to print out for this patient.

Once you have chosen the letter you want to print, select it on the list and you will be taken to the edit window for this letter. This will allow you to make any list minute changed to the letter before you print it out.

When you have completed any changes that you would like to make, click on the 'Print' button that is in the top right hand corner. This will take you to a print preview screen where you can decide on how many copies you would like etc. and finally click the 'Print' button.

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