There are a few different ways that you can view the diary:

By Date

You can navigate through the days by clicking the forward or back arrow beside the date. Alternatively, you can click on the date which pops up a calendar and you are able to select any day/month.

Day/Week View

You are only able to view the diary by week if you are viewing the diary for one practitioner. If you choose to view the diary for more than one practitioner then this option will not be there.


You choose your location by simply clicking on the default clinic location at the top of the diary. This then brings up a drop down list containing your locations.

Practitioner View

To view the diary by practitioner you simply click Practitioner View.

This then brings up 'All Practitioners' which you click on to select the practitioners diaries you wish to see. Once you click Apply the diary is now shown by practitioner as you can see in the image below.


You are able to hide the patients name and treatment type from their appointment by clicking on the Privacy icon on the top of the diary menu which you can see highlighted in the image below. The image also shows how the patient names and treatment do not appear on the appointment anymore.

Diary Stats

If you click on the icon which is highlighted below it brings up 'Diary Summary' which shows the number of appointments booked etc.

Interval, Hide Cancellations, Show Weekends and Change to 12hr Format

If you click on Menu which is highlighted in the image below, it opens up a panel.

The panel gives you numerous options. You can choose the Interval that you want the diary to appear in. When you click interval it gives you the different options you can choose from.

You can hide cancellations in the diary by clicking on Hide Cancellations and you can also change the time format of the diary. If it is in 24hr you can change it to 12hr or if it is in 12 hr format you can change it to 24hr by simply clicking on Change to **hr format.

The Show Weekends option is available if you have the diary on week view. When you press this it will show Saturday and Sunday in the diary. Once you show weekends this will change to say Hide Weekends which you can choose if you want to hide them.

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