To add an expenditure, go to Finances > Expenditure > Add.

This then brings you to the 'Create Expenditure' screen, allowing you to add in the details of the expenditure.

Description: This is where you record what the expenditure is.

Category: Expenditure can be broken up into different categories which you can create yourself via the custom lists in TM3 settings. Eg. Wages, Bills, Other.

Location: This is where you select the location that the expenditure is being created for.

Payment Method: You select from a drop down the payment method. Again, you can set these under Payment Types within custom lists in TM3 settings.

Supplier: You choose your supplier from a drop down. Please note that you cannot add a supplier via TM3 web. Suppliers can only be added through TM3 Desktop. If you do not have TM3 desktop then please call the support line on 03333442800 and we can set those up for you.

Reference: You can put a reference in to allow you to quickly find the expenditure.

Date: This automatically populates to the date you are creating the expenditure however you can change this by clicking on the calendar icon beside date.

Ex VAT: Enter your price excluding VAT.

VAT Rate: Enter your VAT rate.

VAT Amount: This is calculated based on the values you have put in for Ex VAT and VAT Rate.

Total: This is calculated based on the values you have put in for Ex VAT and VAT Rate.

You are able to create recurring expenses by clicking on 'I would like to create recurring expenses' and then choose how regularly you want them to happen. This is shown in the image below.

Click 'Create' to create the expenditure or 'Cancel' to cancel.

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