Setting Up the Voucher

Create a physical stock item by going to Settings > Setup > Stock. Call the stock item 'Gift Voucher', and give it a price of £0.00.

Selling the Voucher

Open the patient record of the patient that wishes to buy the voucher (If it is not a current patient, you could either register them, or set up a 'Voucher Sales' patient, to record the sales against).

On the 'Account Tab' select 'Add New' which will bring up the 'Quick Bill Screen'​

Type 'Gift Voucher' into the box beside 'Add New Item', and select it from the drop down list.

Click the button for 'Edit' and change the price from 0.00 to the value of the voucher you are selling and click 'Apply.'

Accept your payment as normal. The Gift Voucher will then appear in the 'Transactions' section.

Redeeming the Voucher

At the point when a patient wished to redeem a voucher after an appointment, you will need to complete the appointment as normal, but then instead of accepting cash, cheque or card payment, choose the option for 'Go To Invoice and Do More'

When the invoice has opened choose 'More Actions' and then 'Create Credit Note'

Choose to 'Credit Part of the Amount of the Invoice' and then click 'Credit.'

This will now credit the invoice.

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