Below is an image of the quick bill screen which will appear when you complete an appointment from the diary. There are some options and extra information available here that can be very useful when completing an appointment.

At the top of the quick bill screen you will see the stock item which will be added to the invoice when created, the price, whom the invoice is going to be billed to and the Practitioner who took the appointment.

At the right hand side there is and 'Edit' and 'Remove' button.

The 'Remove' button will as stated remove the item from the quick bill wizard.

The 'Edit' button will open a pop up screen that will give the option to edit the specific of the item ie. price, quantity. This can be very useful if you would also like to change who the item is being billed to as there is the option to change this and apply.

The section underneath this is where you can add in any new items to this invoice, for example if the patient wanted to add a stock item ie. Elbow Clasp or Wobble Board. To add stock items type into the search box and select it.

If there are any outstanding invoices, there will bethe option to add payment for unpaid invoice from the Patients Account also. When you click on 'View', the below screen appears and you can choose to add all or select some individually. If you choose to add any, the value of the payment will be updated to reflect this.

The final section of the Quick Bill Screen is where you accept/add payment and create the final invoice as below. If you choose Invoice and Request Stripe Payment, Cash, Cheque or Card, an invoice is created and automatically paid off in the system, if this option is selected the next screen you see will take you to the 'What would you like to do next' for this patient.

There are 3 billing options along the bottom of the quick bill screen.

'Invoice and pay later' is the option to select if the patient will be paying for the treatment at a later date. It allows you to create the invoice on their record in wait of the payment.

'Do Not Bill' is an option that is rarely use, as this does not create a billing item for this appointment and therefore will be treated as a free appointment.

'Go to invoice and do more' will all you to navigate to the created invoice where you will be able to access more options for the Invoice.

The final options here are to print or email the payment/invoice details to your patient, these are tick boxes and select the ones you wish to have.

The last item you will see is the 'Cancel' button in the bottom right hand corner of the window. This will allow you to cancel the full transaction if you have gone to the quick bill in error.

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