In order to effectively use TM3 to run your business, there are a few tasks that you need to carry out at the beginning. The videos below will take you through these cornerstones of your business in TM3, in the best order to set these up. This initial setup will only need to be done in one area of TM3. If you go through the process below, you don't need to repeat the process in the web interface.

Location Setup

Stock Setup

Business Setup

Practitioner Setup

Working Times Setup

User Setup

Click here to find out what each user level has access to.

Communication Setup

Congratulations, you have now completed your TM3 Setup. You can of course come back to any of these sections and edit or add additional information. You should now be able to use our E-Learning and other knowledge base articles and videos to really get going with your day to day work in TM3.

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