Can referrers see my diary?

No, absolutely not. Referrers cannot see your diary or patient information. The Pronto network will only offer the most suitable, next available appointments that you have flagged for Pronto bookings. The example below explains it well;

Pronto Clinic

The referrer would not see the Meeting and Other events, they would only see the 09.30 to 10.45 free slot until the next event.

Can I decide what appointments the referrers can book into?

Yes, you are still in control of your diary. You decide which working hours you want to make available for Pronto bookings. This is controlled by the user adding these sessions into the diary.

I have more than one clinic, can I decide which location referrers can book into?

Yes, you can also decide which locations are available for Pronto bookings.

I have multiple practitioners, can I decide which practitioner can receive appointments?

Yes, this also remains under your control and when setting up the system you choose who to make available. For example, some clinics only make specific practitioners available for new patients.

I don't currently use TM2, TM3 or PPS. Can I join Pronto?

Yes definitely! The PPS, TM2 and TM3 patient Management Systems are all fully integrated into Pronto - However, if you aren't using one of these systems, you can still sign up for the Pronto Portal.

The Portal just requires you to access a web portal, and upload or set up your availability and then you'll receive appointment notifications through text and email messages instantly. You'll then need to update your own systems or paper diaries accordingly.

If you don't have a system, then there's never been a better time to start to automate your practice and benefit straight away. So contact one of the providers and you could be benefiting from a fully automated system soon.

What does it cost to become a member of the Pronto Portal network?

For members of Pronto Portal, there is a £5 registration fee and £1.80 per referral fee (both these prices Inc VAT).

For TM2, TM3 & PPS users membership of the Pronto network is free. There is a £1.20 (Inc VAT) fee for each new referral you receive.

There are some referrers on Pronto that I don't currently work with, will I receive bookings from them?

Pronto referrers prefer working with Pronto clinics. If you wish to receive referrals from a new referrer, contact them directly and let them know you are a Pronto member. There are some referral sources that are ONLY available by being on the Pronto Network. In some cases, you can join a new referral source that is already on Pronto to expand your clinics reach.

What happens if a referrer tries to book an appointment for an existing patient?

When you receive a referral, if you are using an integrated patient management system your system will prompt you if it thinks the referral is a patient already in your clinic. If the patient does already exist the booking is made against your existing patient record.

I work with referrers that currently aren't using Pronto, what can I do to receive direct bookings from them?

More referrers are joining the Pronto network all the time. Chances are your referrers are already in the process of joining up. Just in case they're not a member yet, let them know you are a member of Pronto and the benefits it brings. You can also contact the Blue Zinc TM3 and TM2 teams to make sure we are on the case.

If I join Pronto, will I be guaranteed more referral appointments?

Pronto referrers prefer working with Pronto clinics however the number of referrals you receive will be up to the relationship between yourself and the referrer. Pronto has no influence over which clinics receive referrals. However, Pronto makes sure the process is as easy and efficient as possible.

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