From the Pronto Desktop selecting the Online Bookings area will take you to a screen similar to the one shown below;

The following is a breakdown of what each option does;

General Tab

Allow new patients to register themselves

If this is enabled there will be a Registration area on the website that allows clients to enter their details and register as patients themselves.

Allow SMS from the Patient Portal

This setting governs the text messaging that patients receive when booking the appointment. Enabled means an SMS will be sent to the client upon successful booking of the appointment

New Patients created as provisionals

Enabling this means that any clients to register online must be approved by someone at the clinic before they are considered to be a "real" patient in TM3. It also allows the opportunity to "link" the record created online to an existing client, useful when you have a client in TM3 already and they register online themselves.

Max Patient Portal bookings per patient

This is a control over how many appointments a patient can book via the Patient Portal. 5 (in the example above) means patients could only have a maximum of 5 appointments booked.

I want to allow web bookings from N days from today

This is the minimum time you want to accept bookings from. 0 would mean that an appointment could be booked in 10 minutes before the appointment slot beings, for example, a booking comes in at 9.50 for an appointment at 10. Setting this to 1 (one) would mean patients could only book appointments into slots 24 hours ahead of the current time. 2 would mean 48 hours etc.

I don't want to allow web bookings after N days from today

This sets the maximum days in the future the referrer can book. The default setting of 21 days means they (the patients) could not book an appointment on a date that is greater than 3 weeks from the current date.

Services Tab

The Services area is where you control what items (treatments) you wish to make available to Patients. This is useful when you wish to provide different services for Referrers vs Patients self-booking.

To enable / disable services or make changes to themsimply press the 'Edit' option (bottom right) and untick the 'Available Online' checkbox. From the same area you can add in additional information on the treatment and also adjust the colour.

To reorder the treatments simply click and drag the rectangular area that holds the details to the area you wish it to be.

More Tab

The "More" tab allows you to adjust the title, terms and colour scheme of the website. You can also upload your clinic logo that will be display on the home page.

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