The below image shows the 'Audit Dashboard'. At the top we have the 'Search' and 'Advanced Search' and below this is where the results are displayed. The results are broken up in to seven columns:

1. Object ID - An ID assigned by TM3

2. Object Type - This is the section of TM3 that the action has been carried out for

3. Action - This can be update, create, delete or view

4. Action Detail - This displays information about the action that was carried out. Please call the support team on 03333442800 who can help you interpret this if you need help.

5. Date/Time - The date and time the action was carried out

6. User - This displays the username that was logged into TM3 at the time the action was carried out

7. Patient - This displays the patients name if the action is to do with a patient

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