To create a new Practitioner on TM3, select the Settings icon in the top right of the interface.

Next select the Setup dropdown, choosing Practitioners. You will see all existing practitioners for all of the locations you have permission for.

This shows all current practitioners in the system and also has a 'Diary Ordering' button and 'Add' Button. The diary ordering button allows you to choose which order you want the practitioners to appear in the diary.

You may only add practitioners to the locations you have access to. On the right hand side, click 'Add.'

When you click add it will present you with the 'New Practitioner' screen. This will be broken up into three areas as you can see in the following image.

1. Practitioner Details

This is where you will enter all of the practitioner's basic details. These fields are shown in the image below. The fields highlighted in orange are mandatory,

The 'Practitioner Subscription Status' allows you to choose from 3 different options for your practitioner:

  • Active - This practitioner will use 1 practitioner allocation from your subscription

  • Pay as you go - This means that you will be charged per appointment booked with this practitioner.

  • Inactive - You won't be billed for this practitioner and you won't be able to see their diary,

2. Advanced Details

The section section is important as it is here that you can set practitioner's employment and commission settings. It is important that you set these status' correctly as this is how TM3 controls your invoicing.

If you set your status to be employed then all invoices will be sent from the practice address. If you set your status to self employed then all invoices are sent from the practitioner's address.

3. Default Location and Charges

The third section is where you set the location the practitioner belongs to and their charges.

Once you have completed all of these details press 'Create' or 'Cancel.'

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