To create a 'Stock Item' select Settings.

Select Setup > Stock. You will see all existing stock for the locations you have permission for. You may only add stock for the locations that you have access to.

Click 'Add' to add a new item.

To add a physical stock item you should choose the category 'Stock.'

There are 2 sections within the 'New Charge Window'

1. Basic Details

  • Reference: You can populate this with whatever you like. It can be used to allow you to distinguish between it and other items. It can come in handy when you search for an item

  • Description: Enter a description of the physical stock item

  • Ledger Code: This is not a mandatory field but if you have an accountant they may want you to complete this as it will appear in some reports

  • Location: You can choose whether this item is to be sold at a single location or at all locations. If you choose all locations an additional section will appear called 'Location Specific Pricing' where you can set different prices for the item at different locations.

  • Category: As mentioned before, there are 4 categories that you can choose from when creating stock items. For this example we will be using 'Stock'

  • Price: It is here that you set the price for the stock item

2. Advanced Details

  • Pricing Group: You can enter values that appear in the drop down via custom lists which is set under your TM3 configuration.

  • Classification: You can choose from a list that is configured within your TM3. This will be for the specialism i.e. physiotherapy, podiatry etc.

  • Private Charge Only: Ticking this means you can not add it under charges that are assigned to a group. It will be for private patients only

  • Stock Level: You can enter the level of stock item you have.

  • Minimum Level: You can run a stock report which notifies you when you need to reorder more of a certain stock item. This report bases this on the minimum level set.

  • Total Cost: Cost of the stock item

  • Total Worth: Once you put in a price/cost and the stock level, the Total Worth will be calculated.

  • Price - If you have a certain amount of VAT this is where you can add it.

If you click 'Display In Price List Report' then it will appear in the report. Untick it if you do not wish this to happen.

Click 'Create' to save the charge or 'Cancel'

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