There are two sections in the user record.

1. User details

It is in this section that you fill out the user name, their full name, their email address, their position, their default location and their default practitioner.

The fields underlined in yellow are mandatory. It is important you assign a unique email address against a user as this is the email address they will use to log in to TM3 web.

2. User’s Locations

It is in this section that you assign a location and their role at that location.

The user can only see the diary for the locations they have assigned to them so it is important you assign all the locations they belong to. To add a location simply click 'Add Location', this then brings up a drop down for you to choose from.

If you want a user to have exactly the same user level as another user you simply click on 'Base on existing user' and this will bring up a list of all current users for you to choose from.

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