Please note that any previous TM2 templates are not directly compatible with TM3 Web.

You can create a new Letter Template for Appointments, Businesses, Cases, Classes, Contacts, Forms, Invoices, Clients, Payments, Practitioners and Waiting Lists.

To do this, go to Settings and then select Documents.

This will then show the list of different template sections.

To create a new Letter Template select the section you wish to add the new letter template to. This will expand and show you all of the different templates that have been created under the selected section along with the option to 'Add a New Template:'

You will then be able to name your template and select the format you want it to be as shown below;

Click 'Create' to load the following screen, allowing you to add your content.

You will notice at the top right of the screen you have the option to change it to an SMS, Email, Letter or Print Out. If you have happened to click on the wrong template type during creation of the document you can easily change it from here. Please ensure to do this before you continue adding content to your template.

To start composing your letter you can use the different merge fields on the right-hand side of the page. Nearly all relevant data fields are available as Merge Fields and will be relevant to the type of template you are creating so, for example if you are creating a template for a practitioner all the merge fields will be relevant to practitioners. Adding and using Merge Fields within your templates is easy, and if you have opened an existing template before, you will probably understand how they work already.

In order to add a merge field, simply single click on the relevant field and it will add it to your template. It will look like the example below;

So when you go to view your created template for selected practitioners these will all automatically populate with the practitioner's details.

Along the top of your template, there is a toolbar, where you can perform a number of actions, such as making text bold or underlined, adding bullet lists and inserting images, such as a logo. To do this, click on the insert image button.

This will bring up a pop up box where you can drag in the image you wish to insert or select an image you have already uploaded. Please note that support image formats are .png, .jpg and .gif. Then select OK.

We would normally advise changing the width of the image to 300 px. This is to help stop any issues happening when sending the templates.

You can save your template using the 'Save' button on the top right-hand corner of the page.

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