TM3 Desktop uses a different template editor than TM3 Web; therefore there are separate templates. This article will show you the best way to replicate these templates from TM3 Desktop to TM3 Web.

We will use the standard 'Letter to Patient' template as an example. To access this in TM3 Desktop open a Patient Record > Letters > Click on Letter to Patient.rtf > Template options > Edit. The TM3 Desktop Template Editor will then appear. From here just simply select the whole template and copy. A quick way of doing this is pressing Ctrl+A (to select all text) and then press Ctrl + C (to copy the text).

Since the two template editors are different there may be some formatting issues pasting this directly into TM3 Web. To avoid this we recommend using Notepad as an intermediary between the two systems. All Windows PCs will have Notepad on them as standard. For Apple products the equivalent would be TextEdit. To access these pieces of software just search for them on the appropriate device.

Paste the text from the TM3 Desktop template into Notepad/TextEdit. It should look somewhat like the following image:

We now need to access the 'Letters' section on TM3 Web. This has a different name to TM3 Desktop and is called the 'Documents' section. To access this go to Settings > Documents.

Since we are copying a letter from the patient letters section we want to make sure it is available from the patient record on TM3 Web. Navigate to Documents and open the 'Client' area. From here click the 'Add New Client Template' button. After this choose the appropriate type of document you want to add, in this case it will be letter, and give it a relevant name.

Now copy the text from Notepad/TextEdit and paste it into the TM3 Web template editor. It will look somewhat like the image below depending on the information our template has. We now have to fix the template so that when we go to use it in TM3 we will have no issues.

The final step is then changing the merge fields to match the TM3 Web format. Simply remove your current merge fields and find the appropriate new merge fields on the right hand side of TM3 Web. Single click on your chosen field to add to the template.

Fine tuning like adding bold text, images etc can be done here too. After you have finished editing your template, click 'Save' and your template will now be ready for use.

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