There can be several factors that can prevent your automatic reminders from being sent, this article will help you trouble shoot the article and then help you check as to why these are not sending.

Enabling the reminders

Under Settings and then communications, there will be a heading for Scheduled Reminders and within that there will be 2 switches (one for Send Email Reminders and one for Send SMS reminders which when both are enabled will expand to 4 switches like below)

2 of these will be what will enable the reminders to be sent automatically through SMS or Email and the other 2 would be for Reminder sent notification. This would be a small email that would detail how many messages have been sent. Whenever the Send Email Reminders or the Send SMS Reminders options are enabled, this will give you the scheduling options below:

This will allow you to set when the reminders are sent automatically. If you would prefer your reminders to go at a different time or different day, this would be where that option would need changed. Please note that if a reminder is sent manually from the appointment, this will disable the automatic reminder as the patient will have already been reminded of their appointment. It is also worth noting that the reminders can take up to 15 mins past the reminder time to send so they may not send right away on the time selected.

Checking the template

If you have made changes to the template it is possible for there to be an extra { or } that gets added to one of the merge fields, this can cause issues when the system attempts to send the reminder to the patient so if you see }, you would need to remove the extra bracket for the template to work. It would also be recommended when editing the templates that you use the fields provided and not try to add in fields from other templates. This can lead to some templates not working due to it not being able to correctly find the field.

Checking that reminders have sent

There are several ways to check if the patient has received their reminders. The first would be along the appointment on the diary, it should appear as the following:

The icons highlight that a reminder communication has been sent for these appointments. Sometimes the icon may not appear, but the reminder may have been sent. You can check this by going to the patient record and clicking on the documents section. This will then show all the document history for the patient and you should be able to see the appointment reminders being sent, it should appear like this

There would also be a time stamp on these documents so this would help confirm that the reminders have sent at the correct time and the method in which they were sent.

Along the top of the diary is also a reminders sent timer, this will show you the date and time that the last automatic reminders were sent.

This would also be used to send reminders as well, clicking on the reminders on will let you send manual reminders for either the selected diary or the selected location.

This should help confirm that the reminders have been enabled and also allow you to check that they have been sent as well.

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