One of the features of TM3 is the ability to transform your raw data into easy to understand, presentable information. When you cancel your TM3 service, you will, of course, get a full extract of your TM3 data. However, the data will be in raw data format, and not in the informative format that TM3 displays on the screen.

The extracted data will be contained in a series of CSV files, the number and content of which will be determined by how and what aspects of TM3 you have used.

The CSV files will contain a mixture of plain text and JSON data. For more information on this, please see the ICO advice on the right to data portability -

Should you wish to continue to have your patient data, including clinical notes, in an easier to read format, you should consider one of the following options;

  1. Ensure you give yourself enough time before you cancel your TM3 to save your clinical notes to PDF (by using the print feature in TM3.)

  2. Consider reducing your TM3 licence to a single licence, which will allow you to continue to access TM3 to view these notes in the clinical notes module

Please note that when you cancel your TM3 service, we will cease to be a data processor for your clinic's data, and as such have no legal basis to continue to process the data. As a result, we will delete the data from our servers, in accordance with our data retention policies.

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