In order to view a Business record, first 'Search' for the business and then click 'View.' You will be presented with that business record , which will look similar to the below image.

Making the Business Inactive/Active

Beside the Business Name, you will see the status of this business is 'Current.' If you no longer need/use this business you can set them to 'Non-Current,' and they will no longer appear in the search results.

To do this, click 'Edit.' You will then see the window below where you first needed to uncheck the 'In Use' box and then click 'Update.'

To make a contact 'Active' again, follow the same steps but instead re-check the 'In Use' box.


You can perform a number of actions within the Business record, such as adding an Alert, Payment or Invoice or access different communication methods.

To perform any of these actions, first click the 'Action' button. You will then be presented with the following drop down for you to select the action you wish to perform.


To view the Business account, click on the 'Account' tab shown here:

You will then be present with the 'Main Account' tab, where you will see all of the invoices that have been raised for the business, similar to the image below.

As you can see, the information presented includes the date the invoice was raised, the reference number of the invoice, the patient the invoice is linked to and the location of the clinic that the invoice is linked to.

You also have the option to view each individual invoice which can be done by either double clicking on it, or clicking 'View.'

By default, TM3 will load invoices for the past 3 months. However, you can edit the date range to show invoices from other dates of your choice. Simply click on the date range (just under the main account tab) and you will be presented with a calendar to choose the date range you want.

Beside the 'Main Account' tab you will also see a 'Charges' tab. Clicking on this will present you with a list of every charge that has been added to the Business account. The information presented includes the date of the charge, the reference number of the charge, the patient and practitioner linked to the charge, the description/stock item linked to the charge and whether or not the charge has been added to an invoice. You have the option to view the charge by either double clicking on it or click on 'View.'

View Clients

You can view the 'Clients' linked to a business by clicking on the 'Clients' tab.

This will populate a list of all clients linked to the business and will look similar to the image below:

From within this section you can view the client record by either double clicking on the client or clicking on 'View.'


You can setting a number of settings from within a group. To do this simply click on the 'Settings' tab as shown below.

From within this settings tab you can change Invoice Settings, Notifications, Required Fields and Treatment Authorisations.


Each group that you save on TM3 will likely have a multiple of locations linked to them. When you go to view a 'Group' record, you will see a tab for 'Locations' which will give you the number of locations that are currently linked to the group.

From within this 'Locations' tab you can add a new location and configure charges for a group.

View and Add Documents

To view document history or add a new documents, first click on the 'Documents' tab.

You will then be able to attach documents by either clicking on or dragging files into the area. You will also see the existing documents you have previously uploaded, and can View, Rename and Delete them.

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