Each Group that you save on TM3 will be able to have multiple locations linked to them. When you view a Group record you will see a tab for 'Locations' which will give you the number of locations currently linked to this group.

When this 'Locations' tab is clicked it will bring up more information on the locations:

In there you can add another location on to the selected group by clicking 'Add Location' which will bring up a pop up screen. You will be asked to enter the location name as well as first and follow up charges for the location. Each location can have their own individual charges.

If you wish to add another charge to the location as well as a first and follow up charge, you can do so by clicking on 'Add Charges' beside the location. This will bring up a screen asking you to 'Select Stock' items that are linked to the location. You can select from the list which ones you wish to add. There is also an option to 'Select All' or 'Select None.' To add them, click 'Add Selected.'

You have the option to change the charges for a location's First and Follow Up appointment. Select 'Change' beside the locations First and Follow Up charges and this will bring up a similar screen to the one above asking you to select a stock item from a list.

You can also select whether or not the group should be billed for cancellations or DNAs. Once the check box beside 'Group should be billed for cancellations' or 'Group should be billed for DNAs' is selected, it will bring up another list of all the locations linked to the group, allowing you to select which charge to add on to the location.

If you wish to remove a location that is linked to a group, you can do so by selecting 'Remove Location.' This will then prompt you to confirm the removal of the location.

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