Configuring the Group settings in TM3 refers to items such as Billing, Invoicing and Treatment Authorisation codes. To access this section you will need to first be on the Group Record you want to edit, then click on the 'Settings' tab. This will show all of the settings that can be configured.

Invoice Settings

The first section that we will look at is the Invoice settings. Here you will see that the billing for the group can be set up to either invoiced to the Patient or the Group. These details should have been provided to you from the Group/Business, the options are:

  • Group Invoice: This will be one invoice which will be created listing all the patient's appointment charges

  • Individual Invoice: This will be all billing items for one patient on one invoice.

  • One Invoice Per Appointment: This will be one individual invoice for every appointment created.

The next section focuses on when an invoice should be generated. You will have the option here to invoice monthly, manually etc.

Again these details will have been provided to you by each specific group, and it is a matter of toggling between the option to choose. The blue circle means the option has been selected.

There is an option to set a number of days within which, if an appointment is cancelled, then a charge will be applied to the patient.

Finally, you have the option to use a Custom Invoice Template for this group rather than a default one. If you wish to do this, simply check the box.

Notification Settings

This Notification section will allow you to send notification emails to the Group/Business to let them know if/when an appointment is Booked or Cancelled and so on.

You can choose any or all of these depending on the Group's preference, by selecting the box beside the preference.

These notifications will go to the 'Notification Email Address' that is listed on the Group's account.

The required fields that are here relate to fields that are on the Patient record. So if you are linking a Patient to a group and these 2 boxes are ticked, then you must fill in these fields on the record. These are details that the Group will need to have.

Again as with many of the settings in this section, the group will specify that these details will need to be collected.

Treatment Authorisation Settings

The Treatment Authorisatino section is easy to complete. Usually the only action needed here is to select the box to confirm that the Group itself uses Treatment Authorisations. This action will then force the user to input an authorisation code when creating appointments for patients.

You can edit these to whichever way the Group advises. For example if a patient cancels or does not show up for an appointment and this counts towards their total authorisations then you can stipulate it here.

Also if you want to auto-generate your own Treatment Auth Codes for the Group then you can select this option and tM3 will allow you to choose the naming convention and the total number of treatments you would like these to default to.

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