Reports in TM3 are broken up into four sections:


These reports are highlighted in blue in the reports section

  • Client Birthdays - Provides a list of patient names, their date of birth and age.

  • Client Tracking Report - Displays all of your client appointments, the appointment dates, their status and price for charge

  • Client Analysis - Provides a list of your patients' information sorted by patient registration date from the selected range.


These reports are highlighted in purple in the reports section

  • Admissions Analysis - A breakdown of the analysis of cases that have been admitted within a selected date range.

  • Average Treatments - A breakdown of the average number of treatments by grouping.

  • Cases Due For Review - Displays cases that are due to be reviewed.

  • Current Case Load - Displays all existing cases regardless of status.

  • Discharge Analysis - Analysis of how many cases have been discharged and when they were discharged.

  • Lapsed Clients - Displays patients who have cases open that need to be actioned.


These reports are highlighted in teal in the reports section

  • Appointment Analysis - Displays all appointments and classes with appointment status' within selected date range

  • Non Returning Patients - Provides a market insight to help re-attract clients who have stopped using the services.

  • Practitioner Availability - Breakdown of diary availability compared to hours worked per practitioner.

  • Traffic Analysis - Helps to identify high and low traffic clients by return rates for services.


These reports are highlighted in gold in he reports section

  • Aged Debtors - Displays all accounts that are currently in debt and their corresponding invoices.

  • Charge Analysis - Displays charges allowing you to analyse them.

  • Debtors By Account - Displays all accounts with outstanding balances.

  • Debtors on a Date - Displays a list of debtors by a specific selected date.

  • Expenditure Analysis - Provides an insight into all aspects of your clinic expenditure

  • Expenditure Month Summary - Provides a summary of expenditure by selected month.

  • Income Analysis - Review all aspects of your income

  • Invoice Analysis - Review all invoices and their status'

  • Stock Reorder - Displays all of the stock items you have reordered/purchased.

  • Stock Sales - Displays all physical stock items you have sold in a selected date range.

  • Upcoming Auto Payments - Displays clients who have subscriptions that are due to expire soon and will be renewed automatically.

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