In cases where you have multi-disciplined staff (Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Sports Massage, Osteopath) it's important that these differently qualified persons are easily identifiable. It might well be that users in-house are aware who these people are and what they do, but with a 3rd party reception company it is important that external sources can pick out the correct person for the desired appointment type.

Failure to complete this setup accurately will result in bookings either being made incorrectly or not at all. For example, you have not defined your 'Specialisms' which means the external booking source (Reception) cannot determine the correct person for treatment and therefore does not make the booking. In this scenario, you would not have a booking but would still be charged by the Reception Service.

TM3 is built to handle this through 'Specialisms.'


Firstly, create all of the different specialisms that your staff provide in TM3. To do this, go to Settings > Configuration.

NOTE: You will need to be an admin user to have access to the above.

Once into 'Configuration' settings, scroll down until you see 'Custom Lists' and scroll that list to find 'Specialism.'

Type the desired Specialism into 'Type new list value' then click the 'Add To List' button. Repeat this step for all Specialisms in your clinic.

Once you've added all Specialisms, the next step is to "link" these to the Practitioners. Click on Setup > Practitioner. Search for the practitioner you wish to edit first and double click to open the record.

Select the 'Information' tab and then 'Edit.'

Specialism will automatically be selected. To add a new Specialism to the record, expand the 'Select new list value' drop-down and select the desired Specialism. Once selected, click 'Add to List.'

This Specialism will now appear like the image below. Continue the above step until all Specialisms have been added for each practitioner.

This information will automatically synchronize with the 3rd Party and they will be able to determine your Specialism on a per Practitioner basis and therefore book the correct appointment with the correct person.

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