With TM3 you have the option of having a number of custom invoices/receipt created to help you with your processes and procedures.

*Please Note: A Custom Invoice/Receipt can only run on the desktop version of TM3*

Invoice/Receipt Order Process

  • Copy and fill out the template below - email to support@blue-zinc.com.

  • A member of the team will respond (within 48 hours) to confirm we have received the request.

  • The request will then be added to a queue.

  • Once the request has been completed, the new templates will be made available for you to test. Any issues please email support@blue-zinc.com.

  • The request is closed. Any further changes may be charged (depending on the complexity of the change).

While we can help with your request (give a yes or no as to it being possible) we cannot create the request for you. This is simply down to us (BlueZinc Technical Support Team) not being familiar with how your business operates and thus how this request ties back to helping you.

The more detail to put on your request the easier it is for us to create the request.

Email Template (please copy this template and put it into your email)

Bespoke Invoice/Receipt Request

Client ID:

Contact Name:


Best Number For Contact:

Invoice Change? Y/N

Receipt Change? Y/N

Changes to Invoice (Please give as much detail as possible)

Changes to Receipt (Please give as much detail as possible)

Logo/Footer Attached? Y/N

Example Template Attached? Y/N

Making the Request

You are welcome to call the Support Team (03333 442 800) to query some specific elements of a custom invoice/receipt request, however, all requests MUST come via email (support@blue-zinc.com) using the above template;

Please complete as much of the template as possible (The more detail the better).

If you have an invoice template already created in a word processor, please attach it to the email as we can customise your request to look like your template. Finally please remember to attach a logo or footer if you have one.

After the Request

Once submitted you will receive a reply from the support team to let you know the request has been received. A member of the support team will then add this to a queue.

When the request has been completed we will notify you letting you know the changes have been made. You will need to restart TM2/TM3 to allow the changes to take effect. From here you can test your new templates and if you have any issues reply back with the changes.

Once the templates have been finalised and you are satisfied with the changes we will then close the request off. Any further changes may be charged (depending on the complexity of the change).

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