There may be a case where perhaps a business/group will not pay for a treatment and therefore it has to be transferred to the client.

As you can see in the image below we have an invoice of £10.00 being billed to the group 'AXA.' This is for an initial assessment of patient Ryan Hamilton.

If you want to transfer this invoice to the patient, click on 'More Actions.'

Once you have clicked on 'More Actions' it will bring up a drop-down and you should click 'Transfer To Client.'

This will then bring up the screen below. You can select whether you wish to transfer the remaining amount of the invoice or if you want to transfer a part amount of the invoice. You can enter a 'Description' which will appear on the patient's invoice and it shows the 'Transfer Total.'

You now have the option to 'Create Invoice Now,' 'Cancel,' or 'Transfer.'

In this example I have selected 'Create Invoice Now.' Then click 'Transfer' and this will bring up the screen below. You can view the 'Business Invoice' or the 'Client Invoice.'

'View Client Invoice' will present the following screen. You can see it is now being billed to the patient and that the description contains the text we set it to be when we were on the 'Transfer To Customer' screen.

'View Business Invoice' now shows that there is no amount outstanding and that the £10.00 has been transferred to the customer.

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