To reconcile a payment against outstanding invoices, you will first need to add the payment to the Client's account. To do this, search for the client and click to view their record.

Whilst in their record there is a 'Actions' button.

Clicking on the 'Actions' button will display a list on which you will see the option to 'Add Payment.'

Clicking on 'Add Payment' will bring up the following screen where you will be able to add the different details about the payment. You can choose from a list of payment types, complete the amount for the payment, add other details such as a payment reference and choose whether you want to email or print a receipt. When you have completed the details simply click 'Add.'

A new screen will then appear with a pop up to the right hand side. On the screen behind the pop up you will see that the payment we have just added has a status of 'Unreconciled.'

To reconcile this payment, use the pop up screen on the right hand side. Click on 'Reconciliations.'

If you click 'Auto' TM3 will apply the full amount needed to pay the invoice or as close to it as possible. You can also fill it out manually if you wish. The invoice will now show as 'Paid' status.

Clicking 'Reset' will clear any reconciliation amount and set the invoice back to 'Unreconciled.'

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