Please note Blue Zinc Support will only be able to advise on how to integrate Mailchimp correctly, however, if you need assistance with creating templates, etc these questions should be directed to Mailchimp Support by clicking on 'Help' at the top right-hand corner of your Account.

Now that you have successfully set up Mailchimp and your API key, the next step is to start the integration of the two software.

Our first step is to log into TM3 and access your 'Settings > Communication' and then scroll to the very bottom and you should see a new section named 'Mailchimp Integration' like the image below.

Mailchimp Integration will by default be switched off, it is up to you as a clinic to turn this on and integrate TM3 and Mailchimp.

When you turn Mailchimp Integration on you will now need to paste in your API Key that you created in Mailchimp into the space labelled 'Mailchimp API Key'. Then enter in your email you signed up with into the space labelled 'Mailchimp Username' like shown in the image below. Your audiences should automatically appear when you scroll down after entering in your Mailchimp API Key and Username. However, if not click your refresh button on the web browser - you will now be successfully integrated with Mailchimp.

Sync Email Address allows you to sync your entire client list up to your Mailchimp audiences. To do this, decide on which audience(s) you wish to sync your patients to and then turn the list on. The sync will look at patient accounts who have a valid email address, and email marketing consent ticked (Normal consent is not enough for this integration). If you have two client accounts that share the exact same email address e.g. Husband and Wife/Mother and Child, then only one of these accounts will be synced up to Mailchimp to stop duplications.

You do have the option to add your clients to the audiences manually rather than sync your client list up - if you wish to do this then you can leave the settings as they are - this will be explained in later articles how to add your clients manually the audiences.

When you first turn your audience on to link up, your display will change to the image below. Please note your list may state more or less than 50 clients - this will just depend on your client list.

When the sync has completed you will see a 'Sync Information' just below the list, which will explain the process that happened with your client accounts during the sync. If an email address has failed to sync, you will be provided with the reason when you scroll through the Sync Information.

Total shared emails = The number of patients/clients that share the same email address which is only added once to the selected Mailchimp audience.

Total errors = The number of email addresses that did not get subscribed to the selected audience due to an error - you will be provided with information for each erroneous email.

Total Subscribers = The number of email addresses that successfully subscribed to the selected audience.

If you decide to have your Mailchimp audiences turned on within TM3, any new clients that you add into your TM3 system will be automatically be subscribed to the audience(s) that have been turned on.

After the sync has been completed, your Mailchimp audience will look somewhat like the image below.

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