Now that we have everything successfully set up within the integration, our next step is to add our clients to our audiences. We have 3 alternatives options to do this, there is no correct option, it is primarily what suits you as a clinic on how you wish to proceed on this.

Option 1 - Manually Adding From The Patient Record

The first option in subscribing your clients to your Mailchimp audiences is by their record on TM3 but this will depend on if the patient has email marketing consent ticked or not. When you first open the client's record in the information section just below their name you will see a line that states if they have consented to receive treatment and marketing communication, like the images below. There are a number of ways that this can show on the client record depending on what they have consented to.

The only way you will be able to add a patient to your Mailchimp audiences is if they have consented to email marketing, even if they have normal treatment consent on their account - this will not be enough for them to be added to your Mailchimp audiences.

When the client has email marketing consent ticked on their record they will now be able to add into your audiences. To do this click on the green 'Actions' button and then scroll to the bottom of the dropdown until you see 'Mailchimp' - when you highlight over this you will be able to see all your audiences like the image below and will then be able to be added into the audiences;

When you add a client to all of the lists that they belong to, you will now see a line in the information tab stating which audiences the client has been added into like the image below;

If you are trying to add a client into one of your Mailchimp audiences but the Mailchimp option happens to be greyed out like the image below; This is due to either the client not having Email Consent ticked or a valid email address added into their account. When their account contains both of these requirements then the Mailchimp option will become available.

Option 2 - Multi Select On The Client List

The second option in adding clients to your Mailchimp audiences is by multi-select on your client list. This is a good option for when you have a number of clients that wish to be added into the same Mailchimp audience. However, the client records must be on the same page of your client list or you will not be able to use the multi-select.

When you have chosen the clients you wish to add into your audiences, in order to highlight them, you must hold in the 'Ctrl' key on your keyboard and then click on the patients you wish to add, when done your client list should look something like the image below.

When you have selected your clients there should be a pop-up box at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen which will look like the image below. When you have finished selecting your clients and are about to add them into your audience, ensure the correct audience has been selected - if you have more than one audience you can click on the audience currently selected and you will then get a dropdown of all the lists available and then click 'Ok' when you have your audience selected.

When you click 'Ok', if everything is fine with your client records e.g. consented to email marketing, and has a valid email address then the pop-up box will disappear this means that your clients will have been added into the selected Mailchimp audience. However if the client records do not meet the requirements you will be given a pop-up box depending on the requirement that hasn't been met.

For example the image below, we are trying to add in our clients but have been notified that John Simpson and Joe Stark do not have consent. If we want to continue to add them in then we will select Yes and this will add everyone in but if we click No then it will cancel the whole operation and no one will be added into the audience but everyone selected will still be highlighted.

In this case, we have selected Yes. When we go back onto Mailchimp and refresh the page we can now see that they have been added into our Audience.

Option 3 - Subscribe All Email Addresses

As described in the previous article, you have the option to add all of your clients to your Mailchimp audiences.

Sync Email Address allows you to sync your entire client list up to your Mailchimp audiences. To do this, decide on which audience(s) you wish to sync your patients to and then turn the list on. The sync will look at patient accounts who have a valid email address, and email marketing consent ticked (Normal consent is not enough for this integration). If you have two client accounts that share the exact same email address e.g. Husband and Wife/Mother and Child, then only one of these accounts will be synced up to Mailchimp to stop duplications.

You do have the option to add your clients to the audiences manually rather than sync your client list up - if you wish to do this then you can leave the settings as they are - this will be explained in later articles how to add your clients manually the audiences.

When you first turn your audience on to link up, your display will change to the image below. Please note your list may state more or less than 50 clients - this will just depend on your client list.

When the sync has completed you will see a 'Sync Information' just below the list, which will explain the process that happened with your client accounts during the sync. If an email address has failed to sync, you will be provided with the reason when you scroll through the Sync Information.

Total shared emails = The number of patients/clients that share the same email address which is only added once to the selected Mailchimp audience.

Total errors = The number of email addresses that did not get subscribed to the selected audience due to an error - you will be provided with information for each erroneous email.

Total Subscribers = The number of email addresses that successfully subscribed to the selected audience.

If you decide to have your Mailchimp audiences turned on within TM3, any new clients that you add into your TM3 system will be automatically be subscribed to the audience(s) that have been turned on.

After the sync has been completed, your Mailchimp audience will look somewhat like the image below.

If you have the automatic syncing turned on, and a new patient comes in and joins your client - provided they have a valid email and email marketing consent ticked then they will to automatically be added into the audience. If a current patient changes their email then the new email will be added into the Mailchimp audience and the old email will be unsubscribed.

If you do not know which clients have email consent ticked or not you can run the 'Client Analysis' report which will give you a list of your patients, you will then need to click on 'Edit' and choose a custom date range. Ideally change the day, month and year to a number of years ago e.g. 1st January 2010 as this will then be able to bring up all of your patients - when you have done this you then want to apply the changes and then select 'Columns' and tick 'Email Marketing'. When the column appears you will then be able to click and drag the 'Email Marketing' title up to the blue box above so it looks like the image below, the report will then be split up into two sections 'Email Marketing: false' and 'Email Marketing: true'.

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