Now that we know how to set up our Mailchimp and add our clients into Mailchimp audiences our next article is around removing the clients from Mailchimp audiences on TM3.

Access the record of the client in question, you will see in their information tab if they are part of a Mailchimp audience or not. If they are you will then see which audiences they are apart off.

If you want to remove the patient from one of your audiences, click on the green 'Actions' button and scroll to the bottom until you see 'Mailchimp'. Then you will have the option to either remove from all of the lists or else only remove from one of the lists.

If you click on 'Unsubscribe from (audience name)', refresh page and you will then see the audience name disappear like the image below.

If you click on 'Unsubscribe from all audiences', you will then be set to unsubscribe that client from every Mailchimp audience. If the client wishes to be re-added into an audience at a later date, you can still add them to the audience - just follow the steps of adding clients into Mailchimp audiences in a previous article.

If you wish to watch a short video on the overall process, click here.

If you have any questions regarding the integration with Mailchimp and TM3, please feel free to contact our support team.

If you have any questions regarding setting up templates on Mailchimp or Mailchimp settings, these questions should be directed to Mailchimp Support

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