Client Profile

When you click 'View' beside a client record, it brings up their profile which has the same layout as the image below:

The client's name boldly stands out in yellow and a larger text size compared to the other text. A brief summary of the client's details are displayed and the status of their treatment is also highlighted.

Edit & Action

There are 2 buttons in green which you can choose from:

  • Edit

  • Action


Clicking 'Edit' allows you to make changes to the client record.


Clicking on 'Actions' will display a drop-down list similar to the image below.

  • Book Appointment - Allows you to create an appointment in the diary

  • Add Invoice - Manually create an invoice from the patient record

  • Add Payment - Add on a payment to reconcile invoices with

  • Add Treatment Authorisation - If a company is paying for treatment you can add further authorisation codes here.

  • Add Log - If a patient gets in touch, you can log this here.

  • Add Alert - Add alerts to the record to inform everyone of important info.

  • Add Notes - Add notes about the patient

  • Add Case - Manually add a new clinical case involving the patient

  • Add Task - Manually add a task that needs carried out in relation to this patient

  • Add To Class - Add this patient to an existing class

  • Physitrak - Use Physitrak during this patient's treatment

  • Download Client Details - Download all information from the client profile

  • Anonymise Patient - This will remove EVERYTHING that is on the patient record and then remove the patient. Useful for GDPR purposes.

  • Print, Email, Letter - Send the patient communication from templates

Further Details

Under the client summary, you will have the option to view 'Further Details.' Expand the 'Further Details' section and you will be presented with the screen below. This section essentially contains some extra information from the client's profile.


You are able to add 'Alerts' to your patient record. You do this by clicking on 'Click here to add an alert.'

A window, similar to the image below, will open prompting you to create the alert.

You can start and end alerts on specific dates or activate them from the moment of creation to remain an alert for the duration of time the patient is treated in the clinic. You can also choose who in the clinic sees the alert.

You are given the opportunity to set that a user must acknowledge this alert every time they open the record and you can also add a task.

When you enter the clients record the alert appears on screen as shown below and you click 'Acknowledge' to close it.

Log Notes & Med History

You also have the opportunity to add/log notes and also patient medical history against the patient record. You can do this by clicking on the Logs & Notes / Prev Med Hist button on the right-hand side. When you click on this it opens a panel. To add a log/note you click the plus button.

Client Sections

There are 7 sections below the client details. These are:

  • Appointments

  • Account

  • Contacts

  • Documents

  • Treatment Authorisations

  • Clinical Cases

  • Forms


You can book an appointment and view appointments from this section. The image below shows that this patient has an appointment booked in the future.


You can view invoice, charges, and payments and additionally create an invoice.


Add or view Medical and Client contacts


Add and view letters, SMS or emails to the client. You can also attach documents to their record.

Treatment Authorisations

This section gives you a brief overview of the client's treatment authorisations if they have any. You can also add and/or remove the treatment authorisations.

Clinical Cases

When a client has a case open they will be saved here on their profile.


When a client completes a form it will appear in this section.

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