You can add a client within the 'Contacts' section of TM3.

At the top of the 'Contacts' page there is an 'Add' button.

You will be given 3 options:

  • Add Client

  • Add Business

  • Add Contact

In this instance we want to click 'Add Client.' Doing this will open the 'New Client' screen, prompting you to enter all of the client's details.

The 'New Client' screen is split into three sections:

Client Details

Within this section you are required to enter basic details about the client. The fields underlined in orange are mandatory.

You will see that there are star symbols beside each of the contact number. This allows you to select the preferred contact number, which will then be highlighted in their record.

Additional Details

Within this section you can complete the fields shown below including address, enquiry source etc. None of these fields are mandatory.

Billing Details

It is within this section that we set up if the client is a self-paying patient or if an insurance company pays for their treatments.

When a new client is being set up in order to send communication to them, consent must be given from them in order for this to happen. Please note: a client does not have to give consent.

Label Customisation

You are able to customise certain fields within a client record to suit your needs.

To do this go to Settings > Configuration and then scroll down to 'Label Customisation.'

Making changes here will change the fields that appear on your client record throughout the whole clinic.

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