There are five parts to the client account section. You can view these by clicking on 'Account' within the client record.

his then opens up account information. There is five available tab - Private Account, Business Account, Private Charges, Business Charges and Pre Paid Items.

Private Account

This shows you invoices and payments that belong to that client. It defaults to display invoices and payments for the past three months. You can change this date range. You can view these invoices and payments by clicking 'View' or double click the invoice.

Business Account

This section displays payments and invoices if the client is or has ever been part of a group. Again, the results show the last three months but you can change these date parameters.

Private Charges

A charge is another name for a billing item. Within this section, it displays all the private charges to do with that client. You can view these and depending on your user level you are able to edit them by clicking 'View.'

Business Charges

This section lists billing items which are or have been billed to the business.

Pre Paid Items

The final section is titled Pre Paid Items. You choose the location and the stock item and then click 'Add New Pre Paid Item.'

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