You can add a Medical Contact or Client Contact against a client record.

Within the client record, we have a 'Contacts' section.

To add a contact click 'Add New.' This will bring up the screen below.

Click beside the type of contact you would like to add and start typing to search for a contact. You can see in my example below that I am adding a medical contact. I have started to type Dav which has brought up the medical contact Mr. David Bell. You can also see there is an option to 'Add New Contact.' This option allows you to create a new contact if they are not already in the system. After you have selected your medical contact just click 'Add.'

Our medical contacts details are now populated as shown in the image below.

You add a client contact exactly the same way. You can choose the relationship between them. It automatically defaults to Other and all you have to do is click on 'Change.'

When you click Change you have different relationships to choose from. You can set these up under 'Custom Lists' in the Settings section of TM3.

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