To add a treatment authorisation go to the client record and click 'Add New' on the 'Treatment Authorisations' section.

This will then bring up the 'New Treatment Authorisation' screen. Enter the appropriate information in the corresponding areas. You will need an Authorisation Code, Start Date, Business/Group and the Total Appointments and/or Total Value for this authorisation. You can add an Expiry Date and link the authorisation to a Case if it is relevant. Once you have entered the correct information click the 'Create' button.

The authorisation will then appear under the 'Treatment Authorisation' section just as you can see in the below image. When you click 'Edit' or double-click in the record you can edit the information on the 'Treatment Authorisation.'

We also can see the treatment authorisation code and the amount remaining within the treatment authorisation section summary.

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