Whilst using your system you may discover that there are duplicate patients which can become confusing as it is hard to distinguish which is the correct record at a first glance. This can happen when an existing patient registers online but their online record and existing record have not been linked correctly, Another reason this can happen is due to a patient returning to the clinic after a long period of not attending the clinic, therefore, a new record is created.

When you discover two records for the same patient you will see that one has more information than the other so this will be the one that you will keep. Once you have decided which one to keep and everything has been transferred over from the record with less information then this one will be made inactive. As you can see below we have two patients with exactly the same details. There are two Emma Private and they have the exact same details.

Next is to distinguish between the two records to decide which one we will keep and which we will make inactive. This process is carried out by opening both Emma Private record checking which record has the most information on their record. As you can see above this happens to be the Emma Private record with a reference number of 136. The Emma Private record with a reference number of 145 is the one that we want to make inactive but this record has had appointments completed in the TM3 Web system and subsequently, there has been billing items created in relation to this appointments.

Therefore, these appointments have to be assigned to the correct patient ( i.e. Joe Smith with the reference number of 145) , this involves removing any billing items which are currently related to any appointments. Next is to check whether the billing items have been reconciled to any invoices if this is the case, the next step is to open the invoice and removing the billing item(s). and then subsequently delete the invoice. The reason for doing this is to make sure that there are no duplicate billing items and the account is completely empty.

If the billing item has not been reconciled to an invoice this will need to be deleted from the patient / group account. To carry this out you must open the finances section of TM3 Web and select Invoice > Charges , edit the billing item you want to delete and then hit 'Delete.' This will delete the billing item that has not been invoiced.

Next is to delete all appointments that are linked to the duplicate patient , again this can be done by navigating to the duplicate record clicking on Appointments > View beside the appointment. Then you must reset the appointment back to booked then delete this appointment. You must however take a note of any appointments that have been deleted from the duplicate record as they will need to be rebooked for the record that is being kept.

Now that there is nothing linked to the duplicate patient you can now set the patient record to non-current.

To do this you need to navigate to the patient record and then select 'Edit' , this will give you details of the record, once this screen appears, navigate to the status of the patient and set this to "Non-Current". Then select update which will save any of the changes. If you wish you can click on 'Delete' and that will remove the patient from all records.

Please Note: once you delete this you will not be able to retrieve the patient back - TM3 are not responsible for patients who have been deleted.

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